Amphawa in Thailand

Amphawa in Thailand

Worldwide Destinations Asia has published a blog titled “Amphawa Thailand: Swimming Monkeys, Floating Markets, Tree Temples and Fireflies” written by Andrew J Wood, a British born author Andrew Wood who has spent almost a quarter of a century living in “The Land of Smiles”.

Some parts of the blog reads:

We made our offering to the monks of food along with incense, candles and flowers.

It was a wonderful photogenic experience, the memories I shall keep for a very long time and a photo opportunity par excellence.

Next stop a short 15-minute drive into Amphawa town itself to visit the Mae Klong Railway Market. We followed the river downstream. You quickly get the sense that the river is as important to the area as the roads we travelled on.

The market is well-known and famous as the market that suddenly has to make way for railway locomotives. They pass right through the market stalls that are pitched on the side of the tracks.

railway-market temple-in-a-tree
amphawa1 making-palm-sugar
swimming-monkey male-swimming-monkey
church-of-the-virgin-mary tha-kha-market


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