Cartoon Network-branded with Thai Smile



THAI Smile Airways and Amazon Falls, the owner and operator of Cartoon Network Amazone, have formed a partnership which will see the waterpark featured exclusively on the aircraft livery.

The first Cartoon Network Amazone-branded aircraft is expected to take flight in April 2015. Passengers can expect to join Adventure Time’s Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline and other beloved characters from the television network for a unique travel experience.

Captain Woranate Laprabang, Acting Chief Executive Officer of THAI Smile Airways said, “The collaboration between THAI Smile Airways and Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark means a lot to the travel and tourism industry in Thailand. In an effort to raise the profile of the country and increase the number of international tourists to Thailand, THAI Smile Airways will decorate several aircrafts with the characters from Cartoon Network.”

Opened in October in Chon Buri, the attraction is the first Cartoon Network-themed waterpark in the world. It was recently awarded the prestigious Leading Edge Award 2014 at the World Waterpark Association’s Symposium and Trade Show Awards for its innovative design styles and themes, including the interactive nature of the rides, as well as attractions never seen before in the waterpark industry.



Mr. Liakat Sultan Dhanji, CEO of Amazon Falls said, “We hope that the opening of the Cartoon Network Amazone waterpark in Thailand, combined with the branded livery on the THAI Smile Airways’ fleet will appeal to family members traveling to the Kingdom. In addition to extending Cartoon Network Amazone’s realm of immersive experience outside of the waterpark itself, the collaborative effort aims to showcase Thailand as a fun-filled destination.”

According to Ms. Melissa Tinker, Vice President of Cartoon Network Enterprises at Turner International Asia Pacific, the opening of Cartoon Network Amazone this year was a huge milestone for the Cartoon Network brand, not just in Thailand but globally. “In 2015, we’re looking forward to taking off with THAI Smile Airways and seeing our iconic characters flying the skies. We congratulate both Amazone Falls and THAI Smile Airways on this creative partnership.”

Via TATnews