Nakhon Chaisri District Pomelo Fair 2014

Nakhon Chaisri District Pomelo Fair 2014

Date: 3-10 November 2014

Venue: Centralplaza Salaya, Buddhamonthon, Nakhon Pathom


Nakhon Pathom province and Nakhon Pathom Chamber of Commerce as well as the local public and private sector are joining hands to organise the 16th Nakhon Chaisri District Pomelo Fair to promote public awareness for the recognition and preservation of some of Thailand’s best varieties of pomelo.

2Pomelo is called in Thai as Som O, and the district of Nakhon Chaisri in Nakhon Pathom province is famous for two varieties of pomelo – Som O Khao Nam Pheung and Som O Thong Dee.

Som O Khao Nam Pheung is pear-shaped with yellowish green skin and sweet succulent honey-coloured flesh as its name in Thai (Khao Nam Pheung) suggests, while the pink juicy sweet flesh of the globular-shaped Som O Thong Dee (brilliant gold pomelo) makes it easily recognisable.

Both varieties of pomelo as well as other tropical fruits will be brought to the fair direct from the orchards and plantations and offered at a very reasonable price. Additionally, a variety of local products, including orchids, potted flowering plants and ornamental plants, and other souvenirs will also be on sale.

During the fair, there will be pomelo contests, and a food fair selling delicious dishes and desserts using pomelo as an ingredient. Furthermore, a range of local arts and crafts and factory-manufactured products will also be on sale.

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