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The huge influence of Chinese immigrants in Thailand over several hundred years means that Chinese New Year is widely celebrated up and down the kingdom. Visitors will gain a deeper understanding of the longstanding connections between the Thai and Chinese communities and see first-hand the contributions that the Chinese have made to Thai culture over the years. 

The nation’s biggest Chinese New Year celebrations take place in Bangkok’s Chinatown on Yaowarat Road, with cultural displays and fun performances, but festivities take place up and down the kingdom. Here are highlights at some of the best places to experience the Chinese New Year 2016 in Thailand.

Bangkok: At the heart of Bangkok’s Chinatown or Yaowarat, the Chinese New Year 2016 will feature lantern decorations, Chinese cultural performances, dragon parades and lion dances, street stalls selling Chinese cuisine and souvenirs, and entertainment from famous artists, 7-8 February. Call +66 (0) 2235 9127


Nakhon Sawan (Paknam Pho): The 12-day event marks the centennial celebration of Chao Pho-Chao Mae Paknam Pho procession. It will feature colourful cultural procession, night parade, lantern decorations, main stage performances, Chinese cultural performances, Muay Thai performance, mini concerts, theater puppet performance, lion and dragon dances, long-drum procession, students’ performances, lion dances and angel parades, merit-making activities, and an activity to pay homage to the sacred shrines, 1-12 February. Call +66 (0) 5621 3614


Suphan Buri: The province will stage spectacular shows to celebrate 8th anniversary of the Dragon Descendant Museum, multimedia presentation, glowing angels and Chinese deities, stage entertainment, and concerts by famous Thai artists, 7-8 February. Call +66 (0) 3552 5863


Ayutthaya: Attend the annual ritual to pay homage to the guardian spirits of Ayutthaya at 108 shrines across the province, Chinese cultural performance, Luk Thung concert, performances from leading singers and famous bands, Miss Chinese contest, cultural performance from 10 ASEAN countries, singing competition, Chinese lantern contest, and sale of local products, 9-14 February. Call TAT Ayutthaya Office at +66 (0) 3524 6076 – 7


Ratchaburi: Mr and Miss Chinatown contests, Chinatown Kids Contest, students’ performance, light and sound presentation and other activities at Ratchburi National Museum, 7-10 February. Call +66 (0) 3233 7674


Chon Buri (Pattaya): Spectacular procession to pay homage to the God of Prosperity, lion and dragon dances on a high wooden pole, merit-making ceremonies, Chinese boys and girls contest 2016, concerts and performances from leading artists, at Ban Bueng district and Lao Pho Public Park, Na Klua, 8 February. Call +66 (0) 3842 7667, +66 (0) 3842 8750


Phetchaburi: Spectacular and colourful procession to pay homage to the province’s 22 Gods and Goddesses. Other highlights are Miss Chinese Beauty Contest, Chinese kids contest, dragon and lion dances, Chinese cultural shows, students’ performance, exhibition booths from public and private agencies, 9-10 February. Call +66 (0) 3242 6326

Chiang Mai: Spectacular dragon and lion parade, colourful procession to pay homage to Chinese deities, the fascinating 60-metre-long fire dragon, 1,000-hands Guan Yin performance, mask-changing performance, Chinese cultural shows and exhibition, Chinese boys and girls contest, Tai Chi and Qigong performance, food stalls and booths selling local products, 7-9 February. Call +66 (0) 5324 8604

Nakhon Ratchasima (Suranaree Monument): Dragon and lion dances, Chinese cultural performances, an exhibition of China’s Great Wall and Chinatown Gate in a replica city, lantern decorations, and tour to pay homage to the guardian spirits of the city at nine famous shrines, 7-8 February. Call TAT Nakhon Ratchasima Office at +66 (0) 4423 4752 or +66 (0) 4423 4763


Udon Thani: This year’s event will be presided over by Her Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha. Highlights include fashion shows from Thai-Lao-Vietnam design talents, Chinese cultural performance, lion dances, and booths selling local products at Chao Pu-Ya Shrine, 8-10 February. Call TAT Udon Thani Office at +66 (0) 4232 5406

Phuket (Old Town): Cultural procession, parades featuring local ways of life and showing readiness to enter the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), pay homage to Guan Yin goddess, Chinese cultural performance, traditional folk dance, youth concerts and many more, 7-8 February. Call TAT Phuket Office at +66(0) 7621 1036

Trang: Ceremony to pay homage to Chinese God of Prosperity, demonstration of Chinese painting, southern cultural performance, Chinese cultural performance, Chinese kids contest,  food stalls from Trang’s famous restaurant in front of Trang Municipality Office, 7-9 February. Call TAT Trang Office at +66 (0) 7521 5867

Songkhla (Hat Yai): Ceremonies to pay homage to Chinese god and deities, dragon and lion dance, Chinese dances and cultural performance, Chinese kids contest, Miss Hat Yai Chinese 2016, magic show, cabaret show, students’ concerts, lantern decorations, local products sale, and many fun-filled activities at Srinakhon Foundation School, 6-10 February. Call +66 (0) 7424 3747, +66 (0) 7423 8518