Traveller enjoy Chinese New Year 2015 in Thailand



rent-mifi-thailand-chinese2014-Yaowarat                 The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is inviting local and international travellers to join the festivities planned for the Chinese’s Lunar New Year in Thailand.

The huge influence of Chinese immigrants in Thailand over several hundred years means that Chinese New Year is widely celebrated up and down the kingdom. Visitors will gain a deeper understanding of the longstanding connections between the Thai and Chinese communities and see first-hand the contributions that the Chinese have made to Thai culture over the years.

TAT Governor, Mr. Thawatchai Arunyik said, “With Thailand having such a rich and diverse cultural mix, there are people of Chinese decent here and they all celebrate the beginning of the Lunar New Year in different ways. Over the years their festivities have taken on a distinctly Thai hue and have been incorporated into Thailand’s annual cycle of festivals.

So as part of the “2015 Discover Thainess” campaign, TAT would like to invite local and international tourists to experience the Sino-Thai fun in one of the year’s best-loved celebrations.” Read more